5 Recent Examples of Modern Web Application Design



Before going on top examples of modern web application design, let’s first understand the web application design.

Web Application Design

When we build a web application then we need web application design which is the most important stage. Web application design involves the look and the feel of the web application. There are various aspects that are encompassed by the design stages such as user interface design (UI), usability (UX), content production, and graphic design.


Top 5 Recent examples of modern web application design

These web applications are chosen on the basis of design, usability, and creativity. Let’s have a look at the top 5 web application designs.

1. Mailchimp:

Mailchimp was started as a side project. Earlier it has almost 85,000 customers but when in 2009 they added a freemium version, customers increased. Today they are providing millions of startups or small companies around the world with a simple and beautiful marketing platform. UI/UX of Mailchimp became better over the years. The design structure of Mailchimp is consistent across the platform due to some structural elements like the logo, color palette, and typography and design language is so clear to understand.


2. Netlify:

Netlify helps to make your complications easy. Netlify is more useful for static websites as it provides hosting and serverless backend solutions for those sites. Netlify has tables, fonts, and navigation which are easy to use and look beautiful. Every screen and feature of Netlify are structured beautifully and explained in an easy way.


3. Notion:

Notion offers lots of emojis that give the user options for creativity.  Its use of emojis against a clean interface makes it incredibly smart. The Notion is a platform that aims to bring the power of databases to people without having the technical capability.


4. Buffer:

Buffer is the social media management platform which is one of the original platforms. Buffer helps to solve your problem regarding digital marketing like scheduling social media posts. The Buffer consists of a primary top nav, and a secondary left navigation panel because of this navigation between products and functionality becomes easy. Buffer has grown and a new offering came from the Buffer that was a new UI. This UI is very clean and helps to utilize a whitespace wall. This platform is easy to use and it’s great to work with. It makes it easy to schedule social media posts.


5. Intercom:

Intercom is designed to accelerate business growth. It can be described as a suite of messaging-first products. Intercom is founded in 2011 and the Intercom suite of products has gone through multiple design iterations. The UI of the Intercom is clean and provides an efficient layout. Navigation by Intercom is very simple. The old UI was busy and seems to be unmanaged sometimes when working for long hours with the Intercom.

you can use these top 5 modern Web application design to build a web application.

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