5 Tips for a School Website Design and How We Help

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In this Digital World, technology and the internet are the important things that impact our daily lives in many ways. Whether you run a business or educational facility then you always need internet. You can get a large enough audience with your online presence. In today’s modern world, your website is the key source to show your reputation.

If your site is too unattractive, users will not even interact with the site. So it’s important to invest the proper amount for having a great educational website design for your organization. To create a good school website design you first need to plan a checklist and some important factors like content clarity, graphic design, usability, appropriateness, functionality, freshness, and overall depth of information are necessary for the website.


Great designs are not limited to smartphones and laptops, designs are an important factor for websites too. To create a school website, flashy photos, nice colors, and multi-media presentations are necessary but for creating a well-designed school website you also need to understand some other things such as how well the website works for staff, community, parents, and children invested in the school. You should also consider the other things when creating a school website like your website is easy to manage for your staff? Does your website have dialogues that encourage the audience? And is there any possibility that visitors can easily find what they are seeking?


Here are five key elements for a school website that you should follow for planning and designing yours.


1. Make Your Homepage Useful

You should always ensure that the homepage of your site looks great and be appealing. There are some great templates that are built-in to many CMS packages, you can use them for your site. By creating a useful school homepage, you can get more visitors to your website.

  • Just keep your website as simple as you can because the best design is a simple design. Many schools make common mistakes as they put too much content on their homepage. Your homepage will be best when it is easy to read and gives relevant information.
  • Rotating images or a slider is a nice visual way to attract the parents to important school events. But always remember that your slider shouldn’t dominate your homepage. You can use a friendly CMS to change out the images.


2. Responsive Design

Responsive designs are mobile-friendly that is an important element of modern school website design. Responsive designs allow your website to be accessed by different mobile devices. If you have a good responsive design that each web page of your site can easily be read and used on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and even a smartphone. It helps to reformats and resizes your pages to solve the problem of that annoying, dragging, and time-consuming zooming. A school website with responsive design can easily be shared and viewed through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn or email links which are used more by users through mobile applications. Just make sure your website should be responsive so that mobile users can easily visit your site.


3. User-Friendly Navigation

Lots of things are used to design the architecture of educational website. We call it architecture because the information of your website is formatted into a digital structure. Through this structure, users can easily navigate back and forth between pages. Well-designed navigation is a key to a school website’s usability. You need to organize navigation for a well-designed navigation. User-friendly navigation affects the rest of the design project. A random and unordered design structure is always confusing and frustrating for users.

For example, if you have your contact information in a certain page instead of your home page then fewer people will only contact you. Always make sure that the design of your website has an easy navigation throughout the rest of the website.


4. Add Popular Pages

The School calendar is the ever-popular page of your site but you also need to pay extra attention to other pages of your site like the contact directory, school pages, and teacher pages. You can use Google Analytics to determine those pages for a quick analytics review. Generally, we’ve found these pages at the top of any school website.

  • The school calendar page shows the school communications so make sure it has accurate, prominent, and current info about the school events. It should be easily accessible and usable.
  • Always keep your school page simple for parents and students so that they can easily find their individual school page. You can use high-level navigation to make it simple.
  • Your contact page information should be clear so that anyone can contact you easily. Always keep updated on your contact information.
  • Teacher pages are important for parents and students. Make sure they can find their teacher pages easily. Teacher pages should be displayed on the navigation and home page.
  • School and district news page should always be fresh because if visitors find stale news here, they won’t come back to your site.


5. Implement SEO with Your Content

The main motive of any website design is to gain a wide range of audiences. Likewise, the goal of your educational website design should also be to attract and engage more users. In this digital world, everything is online so users would prefer to find you online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make it easy for you. Search engines are the best way to analyze the primary keywords within the content. Nowadays, a healthy implementation of SEO is important for any successful website. There are many ways to incorporate SEO content into your website, you can choose one of them according to your fit.



Designing a website is not an easy task but to make your educational institution successful, you need to take it seriously. There is much more to create an effective school website design than these five elements. But these five elements are the basis for designing a new website. You should follow the criteria to determine a mind-blowing school website design that includes the organization of the homepage, easy access, and plugged into the social media landscape.

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