8 Best Small Business Website Builders

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Website builders are a perfect way to create your own websites. If you want to have a website without hiring a developer but don’t know how to code, then choosing website builders for your website is a great option. Website design and development company also use website builders for designing websites. They know how to code but still, they use website builders because website builders can save their time.


Here are some Top 8 website builders that can help you to make your website easily.


1. WordPress:

WordPress is a top-website builder throughout the early 2010s with its unique features. WordPress comes with high limitless plugin library that has the option to use extra SEO plugins like Yoast. It is the best website builder for blogs. It offers countless themes and customizations because of the robust 3P community of plugins.


2. Shopify:

Shopify is a fast and easy website builder that is used for E-Commerce. Shopify has little designs and customization options. Shopify is used for such business where people focus more on business than site-building. Shopify offers the feature according to the retailer’s needs like promotion capabilities and upsells options.


3. Wix:

Wix is one of the best website builders with affordable prices. Wix is used in many different industries and business models because of its user-friendly nature. Wix offers you unlimited pages and hundreds of templates and also gives you the facility of SEO and marketing tools.


4. Weebly:                               

Weebly is used for middle-ground E-Commerce websites and offers a ‘’drag and drop” interface which is easy to use. It also offers more templates than other builders. It is mobile responsive and has helpful SEO guides and a support center. It also has more design features like sliders, photo galleries, and contact forms.


5. Strikingly:

Strikingly is only used for one-page sites and not everyone can use it because it’s a niche website builder. It gives you modern and diverse templates so you can easily choose a style according to you. It has a much-praised support team that provides you excellent 24/7 customer service.


6. Squarespace:

Squarespace is just a close alternative to Wix. They both have flexible customization options with an easy to use editor. The difference between them is, Squarespace’s editor is not user-friendly like Wix’s but Squarespace’s designs are the best designs for better visuals.


7. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is a recognizable website builder for small businesses since the late 90’s as it expanded its hosting and domain services. It offers more customization options and other options like colors and fonts than the other website builders. First-timers can easily use it because of its user-friendly interface.


8. Jimdo Creator:

Jimdo is a fast and effective website builder for small businesses. Jimdo is suitable for those who are first-time users and want a low maintenance website such as portfolio sites for freelancers. Jimdo is the best to handle some of the technical concerns like hosting and domain names.


You should always choose such website builders that offer you the best website design services for small businesses. You should always remember what resources you want for your website and also needs to decide how much your budget is. Website design and development company always go through each website builder before choosing a website builder.

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