Best iPhone Smartwatch Application 2020

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1 8p0lBwI

If you are a person who always likes to get branded things, then Apple’s name comes first in your mind. Everybody wants to have an Apple phone, MacBook, and AirPods. If we talk about Apple products then how can we forget the iPhone smartwatch. If you are an iPhone user and looking for a smartwatch then the iPhone Smartwatch Application is a good choice for you. The price of the Apple smartwatch is now less than before so you can easily afford it. iPhone users are choosing this smartwatch because of its square design and single-day battery life.


As we know that people have been using Apple watch for a long time. This watch now has its own app store which consists of lots of apps. Although Apple watch doesn’t provide all the apps like the apple phone. All apps are not so good but there are some apps that are wonderful to use. You can have these apps on a small screen and the most important thing that that you can use them without taking out your phone. Let’s discuss the application of the iPhone smartwatch.






The Uber Apple Watch app is easy to use, It works the same way Uber apps are used on phones. But it doesn’t offer you all the features of your phone such as fare estimates. It will allow you to book an Uber from your wrist without touching your phone. It will also tell you how long you have to wait for the uber.



2. Facebook Messenger:


Apple Watch doesn’t have a Facebook app but it gives you the facility of Facebook messenger through which you can access all your Facebook chats. You can reply with stickers, and voice recordings without taking out your phone.


3. Wallet:


The wallet is the best finance Apple’s own app. Through this app, you can access boarding passes, cards, and tickets that are registered to Apple Pay. It is good to have boarding passes and tickets on your wrist without getting your phone out.


4. Runkeeper:


Runkeeper is the best health and fitness Apple app. If you use an Apple Watch for fitness then runkeeper is a good option for you. You can start this app from your watch directly. you have to press “start running”. Once you’ve started running, you can check the overall time, distance covered, and a number of stats.


5. Find Near Me:


Find near me is an informative app that provides you information about various amenities nearby. Find near me is easily used by your wrist which gives you the list of everything like beauty salons, café, ATMs and book stores. You just need to enter the thing that you want to find and your watch will show you the list of results. Then you can pick anyone according to your comfort.


This watch provides you everything from games to travel apps, which makes iPhone Smartwatch Application more useful. we can’t call it only a gadget as it provides apps also.

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