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top it services 3

If you are an eCommerce brand, you can’t take risks about the brand image and confusion on your services. Obviously, this is your first and last attempt for winning or losing the customer and no sane person can take a chance on that.


This is the main point on which you should focus, designing your online business is one of the most important things that you should consider. In this blog, you will get to know about the ways that you can try to design an online store.



1. Simple and Minimalistic Design


When you are designing your online site, focusing on less is more approach. The busier the page will be the tougher it gets for the user to focus on the important things. We are not saying to design a single color static website but maintain the color balance and keep the design clean, straight, and simple. Highlight the important things like sales and your main USP.


2. Keep your branding game strong


If you want to get profits and the trust of the customer, you need to be very appropriate about the branding and experience from the users’ end. Branding gives the structure to your online brand; it’s your vision about the brand, what are your professional ethics, and how you are better than the other business of your industry—and answering these questions successfully can gain you the advantage of being trustable and profitable.


3. Use HD quality visuals and images


Web design is getting innovative with each passing day, it’s common that everyone is using images or infographics to make the information and content more engaging. Normally, what people get wrong is using the irrelevant and low quality of the image that drives away the customer.  No one wants to shop blindly. Please provide the most accurate picture of your product with all the necessary details for explaining it. Through this customers will know what they are buying and what they should expect. Such practices induce the feeling of transparency and reliability in customers – a must-have trait for getting successful online in 2021.


When you are placing the image on your website make sure it’s from different angles and light to give a better view. Building confidence in your brand can make your position prosperous online. If you show them what they are buying will lead to lesser return requests and better feedback from the customer’s end. But if you are using low-quality images and faulty descriptions, they’re going to feel more uncomfortable about your brand and making the purchase from you. Try HD images and see your brand taking a boost in no time.



4. Provide a review to win the trust


According to an independent survey, online shoppers reported their decision is 61% based on the reviews given by the other users. You can use these statistics in your favor by placing reviews on your site. Customers want to have quick reviews and ratings placed in a convenient form so that they make the decision quickly.


If you are a product-based website you can make a dedicated section of reviews and ratings below each product. If you are new in the market and don’t have many reviews. Try making a separate section of testimonials on the website.


5. Communicate straight and solid


In an extension of being honest and transparent in your products, you should follow the same ethics in the payment and shipping aspects. Give little convenience to the user by adding the phone number, location of the physical store, and allowing various methods of payments. Mention the important terms and conditions in the most obvious manner so that the customer is aware of what he is buying.



6. Don’t bombard the customer with choices


One thing that can surely take your customer away from you is providing many – useless alternatives. Your intention could be innocent for making your brand comprehensive or might be logical if they see more they will buy. But these things backfire because customers get tired of not finding what they are looking for and numerous choices can make them frustrated. It’s better to be very precise with the product line so that customers buy from you without losing patience.


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