What’s the difference between the digital marketing and the standard marketing

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Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: what’s the best?

Before we answer the question of whether traditional marketing or digital marketing is superior, let us first define digital marketing and distinguish it from traditional marketing.

“Traditional marketing” is marketing the brand in traditional ways such as “radio advertisements, television advertisements, billboard advertising in public streets and squares, or paper publications and distributing them to the public.” Traditional marketing aims to make the product or service more accessible to the local market.

This is the method that was prevalent in marketing to the nineties, but what happened in the nineties!

In the late nineties, the emergence of the Internet began, and with it the emergence of digital marketing

This was a popular method of marketing in the 1990s, but what happened in the 1990s?

The late 1990s saw the birth of the Internet, and with it, the conception of digital marketing.

“Digital marketing” is the broad promotion of a brand on everything related to the Internet, such as (websites, mobile applications, social networking sites “Facebook, Instagram Twitter Snapchat Tik-Tok, LinkedIn”, e-mail, SMS Campaign) and other daily means.

As for which is better e-marketing or traditional marketing!

Restrictive marketing reaches 40% of your potential customers. You are here marketing in general, through audio and video advertising. As for e-marketing, you reach your potential customers by 90% through social media, which they use to appear as the first choice of your customers all the time.

In addition, Digital marketing is much lower in cost than traditional marketing and guarantees you quick results, as well as easier to reach an endless number of your potential customers around the world.

Through Digital marketing, you can explain the advantages of your service in different and unique forms, such as (creating a website with the largest amount of information your customers need, written texts and various videos, or through unique and varied designs that prove in the mind of your customer.

The most important reason why Digital marketing comes to the fore is that the Internet has become one of the most used tools for all age groups, based on global statistics:

Over 80% of shoppers/buyers do their research online before investing in a product or service.

Mobile will account for more than 93% of digital advertising spending by 2022.

91% of businesses in B2C cite social media as the most effective content marketing method.

You can interact with your audience.

The only marketing in which the brand can be developed.

Capable of reaching multiple demographics at the same time.

Providing companies with the ability to compete.

Creates higher levels of brand loyalty through content marketing.

In addition, all the statistics assure us that Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, but we must admit that today we live in an electronic society, it is not only marketing that has become electronic.

Today, most practical tasks are accomplished electronically, banking services, electronic payments, and also education has become electronic.

We are now living in a digital world, and you, as a business owner, have to keep pace with change and keep pace with technology.

Logically the best for you is to invest in an electronic campaign, not a traditional one, to achieve visible and real results.

Working with a digital marketing agency that is specialized and professional in Digital marketing such as Bright Brains for Information Technology can help you get a high return on investment, reach your potential customers, and spread your brand better, to become the first choice for your customers. Contact us now.

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