Bed Stories

There is nothing better than reading a story to teach our child lessons from life and to develop their characters and personalities by feeding their imagination with events and lessons

Applications of children's stories are considered as a comprehensive library that includes thousands of children's stories with variety of topics and lessons that are recommended by educational experts. Virtual stories combine interest, pleasure, ability to imagine, entertainment, and fills time with everything that is useful.


Bed Stories app has a marvelous collection of story books for kids that includes numeruous bedtime stories such as The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Three Little Pigs and hundreds more.

To make it even cooler, the app plays beautiful melodies and displays wonderful pictures to help you raise your child by giving him or her only the positive examples. Moreover, your kid can also make his/her own audiobooks! Just spend a few minutes to voice-over the story then play it with your voice.


While opening the App for the first time, it will ask you some some few information to determine the choice of illustrations for example: Age, Gender, Story Preferences, Language, etc.

Also, parents have the option to highlighted every word on the screen to help young learners read easily. Moreover, a completely interactive animations to engage your child all the time.


The stories are rated based on difficulty as well as lessons for beginning readers learning to read. In the interactive section, the app push the kids to be creative by letting them control the story themselves.

No, they’re not a waste of time. Good reading apps can help kids learn to read and practice reading and they’re convenient for busy families who want to encourage reading engagement on the go. The advantage of using a device for reading is that it easily fits into modern families’ busy schedules so kids can read anywhere, anytime.

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