Oud & Perfumes

Do you have an online perfume shop? Then you should know that it’s a type of ecommerce that’s growing and online orders of perfumes and cosmetics products is increasing every day.

Establishing a professional application to purchase perfumes, oud and incense online has become one of the ideas that have great chances of success and achieving profits from the first year.


The application displays the incense and oud products to the user to select from, add it to the cart, pay online and get it delivered to the address without the need to leave the house.

The application displays sections of incense or oud or perfumes or others. We make sure to prepare a friendly design that appeals to users of all ages.

Each product has it's own dedicated page that displays size, price, delivery cost or any offer assigned to that item.

The page will also display customer reviews and rating about the selected product.

Moreover, the page will display a list of some other similar products.


The application provides an easy experience by allowing users to purchase more than one product in the same order. All you need to do is to view products, add to cart then proceed to the checkout step.

The smart application will detect customer location and confirm if it is under the delivery coverage area or not on spot. Once confirmed, the order will be delivered to customer’s address as soon as possible after paying extra delivery charges.

Now you can buy gifts of Oud and Incense products for all family members without leaving the house.

The app provides multiple payment options like Visa Card, Master Card, Sadad, Mada, STC Pay, etc. (Depends on the options provided by the selected Payment Gate Way company).


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