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Our Process

We're more than a digital agency
  • 1 Discovery stage

    At this stage, Bright Brains team will discuss project details with the client in all its aspects. The team will make sure to understand the requirements as well as inquire about the vision of the customer of how the journey will be.

    After that, the team will be able to inform you about the platforms that need to be developed to achieve the idea of ​​your project and whether Applications, Website, Admin Panels or all.

  • 2 UI/UX Design

    At this point, Bright Brains designers will start their work by asking the customer about their favorite colors or colors to avoid. From that point the team begins to create professional and impressive designs and share them with the customer to choose from. At this stage, the customer can request unlimited design changes.

    Once we have the customer approval of the design, the technical development phase of prototypes begins immediately.

  • 3 Non-Functional Prototype

    At this stage, Bright Brains developers will create the prototype which is a model that can already be used on real mobile devices to verify the various features and functions that will be available once the application is finalized.

    Once we obtain customer approval, we start immediately in the fourth and final stage.

  • 4 Functional Prototype

    At this stage, Bright Brains programmers will start the coding work. The team will use the appropriate coding language to develop the mobile application perfectly.

    Also at this stage, many features and functions will be incorporated into the mobile application.

  • 5 Testing

    The testing stage is the last stage at any project, in which the owner of the application will test all the developed features of the application and Bright Brains technical team will definitely assist him.

    Any required fixes will be fixed straight away ... We will not leave you until you feel confident about the efficiency of your project.

  • 6 Launch

    Did you think that our support for your project has ended at the project launch point?

    Of course not ... Bright Brains will not stop supporting your project even after the project has been launched on the market. We will provide you with a free technical support package that may reach up to 12 months.