CirtServ is one of many professional projects established by Bright Brains team

CityServ is a mobile App which provides you with the best and most qualified workers and technicians to get the best Home, Pets and Car services ever by only

one click, wherever you are and whenever you want with the best prices ever!


Home maintenance issues surprise almost everyone from time to time. Some maintainance problems quickly turns into a huge problem that requires a specialized maintenance worker to fix it at the earliest possible. CityServ app provides an easy steps for customers to choose the type of service and review specialized maintenance companies in this field such as plumbing, carpentry, paints as well as home cleaning and Pet care.

Mr. Tariq, the owner of CityServ project, contacted Bright Brains to develop his project idea. Bright Brains team arranged for multiple meetings with Mr. Tariq to discuss the details of the project and to set a proper project plan to ensure the success of the project. Bright Brains successfully developed an easy experience for CityServ users, ensuring that the time for making a request takes only a few seconds, including selecting the service, choosing the right company, adding the home address and easy electronic payment.


CityServ app play the role of the mediator between customer and maintenance companies. The user gets all the benefits out of the competition between companies by getting the best service and the best price.

Customer selects the most suitable maintenance company and sends the order easily through the app. A notification will be sent at the same moment to that maintenance company to start dealing with the request and send maintenance team staff to customer's place.

Despite the difficulty of including different services in one application due to the different ways of entering requests from one service to another, Bright Brains team was able to overcome that challenge by providing an appropriate solutions and professional mechanisms that fits all types of services. As a result, CityServ app covers services such as: Home cleaning services, Plumbing services, Electricity services, Car cleaning, Pet care, Government documentation services, etc.


Thousands of customers are currently relying on CityServ app because it is easy and provides all the following features and more:
Tracking mechanism of maintenance worker reaching client's address.
Chat feature with maintenance company.
Easy payment solutions using credit cards.
Easy registration via Facebook, G-Mail or mobile verification via SMS in few seconds.

CityServ app is available on both iOS and Android stores.


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