How to Build an Online Store 2021?

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Are you thinking of opening an online store and want to learn how to build it? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will tell you the steps to set up a successful online store.


First Choose the Ecommerce Platform for Building Online Store

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms to build an online store. But, we have listed the most advanced, popular ones.

Big Commerce

As the name suggests, it is loaded with lots of features that can help you in building a responsive, user-friendly, and fully-customized e-commerce platform hassle-free.


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce stores; big names Nike and HP are using this platform. You will be glad after knowing that this platform is great for SEO.


Shopify is a great eCommerce platform for non-coders. If you want to build an eye-appealing online store and don’t know how to code, then build on Shopify.


WIX is a super easy website building platform. It is best for beginners who want to open small online stores.


Once you have tested the few builders, pick the one that suits your requirement.

Choose the Domain Name

Now purchase the domain name that identifies your store’s name. Let’s say Adidas is a brand name, so it’s domain name must be

Pick Your Ecommerce Template

Now, this is something you need to pick very carefully. Choose the eCommerce template that looks eye-appealing, clutter-free, and very responsive. When picking an eCommerce template, ask yourself these four questions.

  1. What features do you want in your online store?
  2. What style of homepage do you need?
  3. How do you want customers to move around your store?


Customize your template

Once you picked your ideal eCommerce template, go to your store’s admin tool to start the customization:

  • Text size
  • Text fonts
  • Images
  • Features
  • Embedding social media accounts.
  • The positioning of the products


Many website builders allow you to embed apps. If you choose WIX, you will get this facility.


Add your products

Congratulations you have created a stylish online store. Now, it’s time to add the products you need to sell online. Make sure the background of the product must be white. The website builder gives you great control over your product pages.

You can add products.

Add descriptions

Add them into a category.

File to download an ebook


Set Up the Payment

Next, you need to set up the payment gateway options. eCommerce website builder help by connecting you directly to the different payment options like PayPal, credit card, debit card, and e-wallets


End note

We hope this comprehensive guide on how to build an eCommerce store helps you a lot. You can also take expert help to build an online store.

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