Application KENO

3/ Usability

The Keno application is also distinguished by its ease of use, as shown below:

Simply register, then locate your cars, then the type of car, and finally the ordering process.

An employee of the Keno app arrives at the motorcycle immediately to wash the car in the manner you specify.


4/ Environmentally friendly

The Keno app provides its cleaning materials that are all environmentally friendly with high technology, and Keno employees are known to use 99% less water than regular cleaning.


5/ speed

The Keno application provides employees all over Dubai, which speeds up the employee's arrival to the nearest customer in less time, so as not to lose his customers.

One of the most important reasons for success when creating an application is to provide solutions to problems that involve a large group of people, and this is what the Keno application, the first car wash application in Dubai, has done, which has achieved unprecedented spread and success.

There are many car wash applications available today, not just in Dubai, but all over the world, so do you want to achieve unprecedented success?

The applications depend on many features that make them unique and are the reason for their success, such as quality, ease of use, and updating, in addition to the presence of options that help the customer to choose the way he wants.

All this and more is possible only in Bright Brains for designing mobile applications and unique websites, Bright Brains is the leading company in the Middle East for having a team of professional programmers who can create an unparalleled application.

Creating a car wash app is just easy with Bright Brains ... All you have to do is dream, and we'll do the rest.


Reasons for the Keno application's success

1/ Focus on providing a solution to a real problem.

One of the biggest reasons that made the Keno application a successful model, is that the application provided a solution to a problem that a large group of people suffers from, especially those residing in Dubai.


2/ Hygiene and quality

Keno employees are trained for a long time before they go to work. Keno employees are known for their quality and efficiency, and one of the reasons for their success, as the owner of the application "Kinan Mobayed" said that quality is one of the secrets of their success.

Application KENO


In March 2017, the Keno car wash application was released, resolving the problem of a lack of empty car wash stations in Dubai. The application's goal is to provide a quick and high-quality service while reducing wait times in gas station car cleaning lines.

Kinan Mobayed, an entrepreneur based in Dubai, founded the application, and the concept was novel, as the number of users reached approximately 13,000 users.

Kinan claims that at the start of the application, it was only available in a few areas of Dubai and received 100 car wash requests per day, but that it is now available throughout the city and receives about 100 requests per day.

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