Hi Oscar app is one of Bright Brains projects that allow users to order taxi and it is a free application for Apple and Android users in Australia.

The app offers a very easy journey for those who are trying to go somewhere as soon as possible. Users can downloads hi Oscar application for free and then

enters the destination they want to go to.

Do you have an important meeting after half an hour and you just found your car battery is down ?

Do you want to make a taxi order as soon as possible? hi Oscar application provides an easy service for users to order taxi by entering the pick up address and the destination they want to go to in a very easy and simple steps. All drivers available in the area will get a notification and one of them picks up the request and goes immediately to the customer to take him directly to the desired address.

If your company pays for your transportation, you can print your bills via hi Oscar app along with the details for each ride. Through the customer's profile, you can view all the details of future reservations or cancel a reservation.

Through hi Oscar app, women can choose a woman driver for the car, so they can feel safe. Also, the application provides rating about each driver depends on the reviews from customer and the number of completed rides.

hi Oscar offers different categories of cars that can carry up to six people in one trip. The app gives the ability to rate the trip after its completion and put a comment to the driver. You can also schedule orders for the future after few hours or after few days.


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