Primary Duties of a Coding Auditor


This is the prime responsibility of a coding auditor; they scrutinize every patient’s medical records and billings and go ahead to ascertain its accuracy.


A coding auditor’s duties also include the training/retraining of new hires in the same department, getting them up to speed on how things are done.


Consulting still includes feedback. When a coding auditor is done consulting all documents that relate to a patient, it is expected that he/she gives useful feedback to the appropriate table for the next step.

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What Is a Coding Auditor?

Coding auditing services are found in the medical profession. The job is quite simple: it makes sure both the patient’s records and billings are accurate. A person who carries out coding auditing services is called a Coding Auditor.

Some of their routine duties include checking medical coding documents for any mistake, correcting them, bringing the management’s attention to any form of recurring errors, and carrying out training sessions for medical coding clerks.

In coding Auditing, auditors need to have extensive knowledge of ICD-9 and CPT codes to succeed in this field. On second thought, you will also require such knowledge (ICD-9 and CPT codes) to ensure that all medical coding data reviewed are correct and that patients get the right medical services.

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Skills you Need for Effective Coding Auditing

The art of Coding Auditing needs some skills  to perfect, some of many of them include:

•Analytical skills for easy analytical performance.

•Strong quantitative skills. Since it is about finding out errors, this need for qualitative thinking is essential.

•Communication skills. How else does a coding auditor get their analysis if they can’t effectively communicate with both patients and co-workers?

•Strong knowledge of Microsoft Windows/Excel. Microsoft Windows and Excel are the two most important tools in coding Auditing; without these tools, the job itself is completely useless.

•Documentation experience. Coding Auditing requires meticulous documentation of essential documents; to do this, there is a need to access the last one.

•APR auditing experience or MS-DRG auditing. The APR means Audit and Program Review, and they are both important tools for monitoring and analyzing patient’s data.

Why Every Medical Institution Needs a Coding Auditing

It has become almost impossible for any good healthcare system to function effectively without sound Coding Auditing services. This service ensures proper functioning of healthcare procedures; it helps healthcare facilities get the proper reimbursement and facilitate good regulatory compliance.