Market Research

We specialize in Market Research, Public Opinion, Strategy, and Marketing Consulting. Our main objective is to provide clients with the highest quality of information and analysis for correct decision-making. If you are looking to do business in any corner of the world, here at our company we understand the importance of knowing what consumers want and buy. That is our passion and the core of our business.
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Our Market Research Services

Quantitative Investigation Our quantitative studies seek through statistics, calculations, and metrics, to know the past of your company to improve and prepare your business for future changes in the market and your commercial niche. We have extensive experience in obtaining information through surveys under the option of High Traffic Centers or house by house, obtaining local, national, and international data and a workforce trained to cover any need.

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Qualitative Research

Through direct and constant contact with your clients, we are committed to carrying out projects of humane treatment and a remarkable approach to know how your clients see you and what they want.

Our qualitative studies provide an essential added value for the growth of your company and allow to know the way of acting, thinking, and behaving of the direct consumer through Focus group sessions and in-depth interviews

Mystery Shopper and Data Mining

Mystery Shopper is the shopping experience in your local or business and it can become more important to the customer than even the product itself. We make sure that your sales exercise is appropriate for your market niche, always adapted to the current era, and that it will translate into a loyal audience and a better business image.

Data Mining is our in-depth information intelligence service through documents, local and national newspapers, online content verification, surveys, and previously conducted interviews to obtain better results in the projects applied to each business.

Business Consulting

We take care of identifying and increasing your competitive advantages and locating the areas of opportunity to create exponential strengthening strategies.

We do this through the ADP system: Analysis, Diagnosis, and Creative Proposal.

Analysis: we use different marketing intelligence works such as SWOT, Mystery Shopper, among others, to determine the areas of opportunity and market dominance capabilities.

Diagnosis: We evaluate the requirements to carry out action work for your company.

Creative Proposal: We define and present to our clients the action plan focused on the needs of their company. The analysis is presented with the study plan, time to carry it out, and results to be obtained in the future.