Revamping Existing App.

Do you have an app that’s been adrift for years? Our mobile app development is not limited to renewing the graphics but aims to improve its technical characteristics. We can also insert or create new features on your application, to make it even more attractive and competitive. Our restyling activity will focus on design and content for a unique result. Apps can quickly become obsolete under the pressure of new technologies that come into play, which is why we help our Customers to keep Apps effective and functional over time.
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Revamping of Online Store

The redesign of your e-commerce App is a major axis of commercial development. In addition to graphic design, we place mobile use at the heart of your web strategy. Nowadays, more and more Internet users consume the Internet using their smartphones or tablets. It is therefore essential to offer your visitors a simple and smooth shopping experience, whether they access your site with a mobile device or a computer. Thanks to the mobile-first approach, designed for mobile use, your customers and prospects will easily navigate your redesigned online store and will be able to make purchases wherever they are.

The fact of considerably improving the performance of your e-commerce will allow you to offer a better shopping experience to your visitors and consequently increase your conversion rate.

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Why you should Redesign your App

Improve your brand image

Over time, fashions and trends change. When a brand chooses to change its visual identity, it has to redesign its App. This App redesign must then comply with all the requirements of the new graphic charter of the brand or the company.

Meet the expectations of Internet users

Functions and technologies undergo constant changes, which make them evolve. For their part, Internet users are increasingly demanding when it comes to the quality of service. To avoid a loss of traffic, and even improve the quality of the latter, it is important to offer a modern, ergonomic application capable of competing with the competitor’s application.

Why Choose Our Service  ?

Graphics  Redesigning

Just like when creating a new website, our graphics workshop takes charge of your project after designing your site. Thanks to regular exchanges with you, we produce the graphic models of your new website by your tastes and your needs.

UI / UX Design

Our visual designers will carefully re-design the graphic interface and the user experience (UI / UX) of your application so that it can be attractive and easy to navigate through. Our visual engineers design user experiences (UI / UX) that are optimized for iOS, and Windows mobile devices, both in smartphone and tablet versions.