Website Redesign

The redesign of a web tool can have multiple origins. Has your need changed since the old one went online? Has your business changed? Or do you want a graphic redesign because your charter has been modified? It is sometimes simply the technology used that has become obsolete. Anyway, by dialoguing with you, we define a new web strategy, which will implement different departments with us: graphic redesign, SEO or web marketing, UX design.

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Why Do you Need to Redesign Your Website?

Improve Your Brand Image

Over time, fashions and trends change. When a brand chooses to change its visual identity, it has to redesign its website. This website redesign must then comply with all the requirements of the new graphic charter of the brand or the company.

We must not forget that a website is a showcase for the company, which reflects its image and its values. It is essential to ensure consistency with all communication channels used by the company. With an innovative, unique, and recognizable visual identity, the company can considerably strengthen its overall communication strategy. Especially if this identity is associated with a relevant graphic charter.

Meet The Expectations of Internet Users

Functions and technologies undergo constant changes, which make them evolve  For their part, Internet users are increasingly demanding when it comes to the quality of service. To avoid a loss of traffic, and even improve the quality of the latter, it is important to offer a modern, ergonomic website capable of competing with the sites of competitors.

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Improve the Natural Referencing (SEO) of the Website

Search engines use algorithms that are getting better and better, year after year. This implies a constant evolution of natural referencing practices. Today, it is essential to implement a good SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization)  to allow the site to be visible and correctly positioned in the results of queries made on search engines, like Google.

Redesigning a website makes it easier to read your site using these same SEO algorithms. This will then allow you to better position yourself on the web!

Why Choose Our Service

Graphics  Redesigning

Just like when creating a new website, our graphics workshop takes charge of your project after designing your site. Thanks to regular exchanges with you, we produce the graphic models of your new website by your tastes and your needs.

Technical Development to Update Your Website

When redesigning your website, many technical issues must be taken into account.

First, our tech team needs to analyze the existing code and decide what to keep, what to discard, what to improve or refactor. Likewise, we study your database: to migrate it from one site to another, we need to clean it and/or carry out specific developments. Finally, we will update the entire site to recent and current technologies.

Master Your SEO When Redesigning Your Website

During a redesign, your entire website changes its content, its code, and its URLs. It is crucial to plan the impact of a redesign on your web marketing and SEO if you do not want to see the number of visitors drop!

Being one of the leading tech companies in the UAE, we can help and support you to ensure that your overhaul is done in the best conditions. In particular, with the SEO analysis of your site, we can highlight the pitfalls to avoid that they are technical or related to your content.