“AIDA” is the most widely used Digital Marketing Model.

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“AIDA” is the most widely used Digital Marketing Model.


To create a brand that sticks in the minds of your customers, there must be a successful marketing model for your marketing plan, and that is why Bright Brains offers you the most famous model of e-marketing “AIDA Model

The “AIDA” model stands for A for Attention, which is the stage of attracting customers, I for Interest, which is the stage of creating interest, D for Desire, which is the stage of creating a desire for the customer, and finally A for Action, which is the stage of decision-making.

In this report, we will explain each of the four stages of the AIDA model and its importance.

1/ (A) Attention stage

The stage of attracting the attention of the customer is the first step that creates the opportunity for you to exist, so you must first create attractive and different ideas for the category you target.

During this stage, you should create advertising materials to attract attention and inquiring about what makes your product and services unique.

2/ (I) Interest

In the first stage, you draw attention to your product, similar to how children cry so much in front of the camera that everyone stands in front of them, wondering what happened!

Now you must provide sufficient reasons to pique the customer’s interest. At this point, you must explain the significance, benefit, and value that will be returned to your customer when using your product, as well as the need that you satisfy for your customers to continue needing you.

3/ (D) Desire stage

There is a well-known proverb that says (we buy with emotions and justify with logic), Your potential customers will care more about the story behind the product than the statistics, and the biggest proof of this is the plethora of social media influencers, who target the emotional side of their followers to build trust in what they market, and thus the stage of creating the desire for your customers is the most important of all.

Because our human nature causes us to care more about the emotional side, you must create a desire for your customers to progress to the final stage.

4/ (A) (ACTION)

The decision-making stage is the final stage in the Aida model; at this stage, you have already achieved attracting, interest, and desire and are waiting for the decision to be made to achieve the most important goal of “increasing your sales.”

To reach this stage, you must follow some tips such as:

Determining the time of the offers: When offering discounts, specify the period for the customer to feel obligated to make a decision, such as this offer is only valid for 10 days and must be completed within 24 hours, and so on.


– Social proof: By presenting your customers’ opinions on your product and how to use it, you can persuade potential customers to buy it.


– Responding to customer inquiries and concerns, particularly those who disagree with you, to build trust among your customers.

The Aida model is considered the most popular and best model in Digital marketing because it works to immortalize your brand, and the second step that follows the selection of the marketing model is to ensure customer satisfaction and here we will use McDonald’s as a study of how to achieve customer satisfaction.

McDonald’s has been a famous and valuable brand for more than half a century, and the company’s goal and vision is to become the best quick service restaurant in the world. The first McDonald’s store was founded in 1940 by the original McDonald brothers, Dick and Mac. Later in 1954, Ray Kroc became the first official franchisee named Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California.

Let’s see the customer awareness steps taken by McDonald’s.

1/ Satisfaction: McDonald’s is the fastest fast-food delivery service to satisfy the consumer.


2 / Engagement: McDonald’s latest “I love it” campaign has integrated every element of the business, including its website, so this campaign provides a useful study analysis of the contribution of the Internet channel to brand building, and that the Internet and networking sites are the most supportive means for participation between Brand and customers.


3/ Support: People eat McDonald’s no matter how many rumors say it’s not healthy, that’s what he said

McDonald’s President: People support McDonald’s in an imaginary way. They don’t care what is said or take action with a rumor because they know it is not true.


4/ Loyalty: People always prefer McDonald’s to anything that can be new and can have different and better tastes, even if one travels anywhere in the world, he should eat it. People are loyal to McDonald’s and trust it everywhere in the world.


5/ Trust: People eat in the store and trust that the place is clean, that the servers clean the food, and the ingredients used to make the food are clean.


To achieve (satisfaction, participation, support, loyalty, trust), you must build a clear strategy for the future of your brand and choose a specialized digital marketing company to manage and implement your goals.

Bright Brains is the leading Digital marketing company in the Middle East, you can contact us now and start a successful marketing plan.

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