The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Design

developing apps

developing apps

Many people find it difficult to live a life without a mobile. The use of mobile is beyond calls and messages. Today even a basic mobile offers impressive features to offer a seamless users’ experience. No matter how expensive and advanced a mobile phone is? It is very boring without mobile applications. But, building an intrusive and mobile-friendly app is not a piece of cake. The user-interface of this must be seamless, responsive, and engaging.  This blog will tell you the tips and advice that will help you build a spectacular mobile app design.


Every business has a website and mobile app. To stand out of the crowd, you must have an impressive mobile app design. Many apps get rejected because of poor UI/UX.

Typical Creative stages To Design App

State Your Value Proposition


When new users download your app in the hope that it will resolve an immediate problem, there is where you must tell your users what your app will do for them. This is not a time to show fancy features your app has; we advise you to focus on core values.


When the first screen opens, it must have a simplified, clutter-free boarding flow. You need to show in the first page of the app what’s the sole purpose of this app.


Load Swiftly


Today’s buyers are impatient. If your app takes forever to load time, then you will immediately uninstall your app. Your app must be loaded at a blink of an eye. Just 1-second delay hurts the mobile metrics.


Use light-weighted images, clever animation to catch the users’ attention, minimize http requests, use tools like Css sprites, and the background of the products must be white. No user likes to wait more than 10 seconds, so please keep  the page speed in mind when designing a mobile app.


Make a registration straightforward


Of course, every app requires user registration to offer a customized and personal experience. But it must be straightforward. A long registration form can make users annoyed. So, just ask for a users’ personal information like name, email address, phone number, and date of birth. Also, allow them to skip sign up to access the mobile application. And use polite, encouraging language instead of generic instructions.


Keep UI Consistent with the website


If you have been interacting with the users on a website, and are just launching an android application, make sure you keep the UI consistent with the website. The look and feel of graphics must be similar to the website.


Final Say


A good UI/UX interface is the perfect mix of beauty and functionality. Only a reputed and experienced android application design company can offer you clutter-free, intuitive, and smooth android application at the best rates.

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