Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends that Will Reign in 2021

top 10 mobile app development trends

top 10 mobile app development trends

The utilities provided by mobile apps are so numerous that the list is inexhaustible. This is because mobile app developers keep working tirelessly to keep up with con evolving trend of development. Gone are the days when crowds have to gather at groceries, marts, or bus terminals. A few clicks on mobile phones would bring deliveries to doorsteps. Transportation can now be booked via mobile apps.

Interestingly, the trend keeps changing, and the trial is a blazing one. Talk about the advent of wearable apps, 5G network, virtual event attendance, etc. Technology has really evolved and app development is one of the channels for swift growth and improvement.

The past few years before 2021 has been eventful and trendy as it concerns technological advancements. The mobile app development trend is such that the new functions introduced are far beyond the expectations of an average person and the business prospects very intriguing.

The businessman has a lot to gain, and the average user has a lot to enjoy. This is the state of technology in a world where surprises never end. The trend is very unique and the progress very steep. Mobile apps have come to stay and the improvements are truly mouth-watering.

In this write-up, 10 well-selected mobile app development trends would be thoroughly discussed, so much that you’ll be enlightened as to what to expect in 2021.

Without mincing words, what you’ll see here is but a glimpse of what to truly expect, as the trend of mobile app development is full of surprises.

It is important to also state that, mobile app development trend forms an inexhaustive list, but here the focus is on those that would dominate the world of technology in the year 2021 and beyond.

Before 2021, lots of app developments have taken a foothold in society. The trend kept changing and app developers kept evolving, if not they would go out of business. In essence, the trend of mobile app development is such that developers must not run out of ideas of how to cater to the insatiable needs of the users. Innovation is key and the year 2021 has a lot to offer in this regard.

It was like a miracle to see mobile phones become smartphones that can now handle biometric authentication. This authentication mode made it a lot more easy to cater to the security needs of the average phone users. The fingerprint open and lock system has boosted the confidence of smartphone users in their devices and in the apps they utilize.

In 2020, after the striking appearance of the coronavirus pandemic, together with lockdown, virtual event streaming took over from physical meetings and gatherings. Innovative app developers came up with brilliant designs and applications that later became found on virtually all mobile phones. In 2021 and the years to come, virtual event streaming would still dominate as the ease and convenience it offers is amazing.

The world of app development has become a highly competitive niche and only those who are constantly evolving, following the trend would remain competitive.

Here are the 10 mobile app development trends you should look forward to:

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AI and ML)

​​​​​​ With the advent of AL and ML, mobile app development has taken a new turn. And 2021 has a lot to offer in this regard, AI would make the use of virtual assistants much easier, while ML would greatly increasese use of cameras and health devices for many more activities that would make life easier and better.

  • Wearables

Smart devices are becoming more and more dynamic with time. So much so that the wearable devices are becoming very popular. In this same vein the app development would tilt towards the production of sophisticated wearable devices. Such devices as Smart watch would soon begin to stabd alone to offer users with an array of utilities bringing them to a point of satisfaction (and soon having no need for a smartphone)

  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality (AR and VR)

Extended reality, a combination of AR and VR is fast becoming the mainstay as one of the app development trends. They have existed independently over the years, but the year 2021 promised to be the year where they would hit high potentials and extended reality is the result to expect. E-commerce, travel, education, healthcare etc, would benefit from extended reality as it becomes fully grounded.

  • 5G network

The internet has moved from just being GPRS, to 2G, 3G, 4G and most recently 5G. As it keeps evolving, speed is one of the cogent points of improvement. While coverage is also not left behind. This is why with the recent 5G development, mobile phone and app developers are also building products that are compatible with this new level of network connection. 5G network would dominate in 2021, and more 5G compatible phones and apps are to be expected.

  • On-demand apps

Placing orders and getting deliveries are some of the exciting things people do these days. No one wants to join a queue anymore. Convenience and ease is the desire of the average individual who owns a smartphone. This is why mobile app development is shifting towards the development of innovative on-demand apps. It would be about meeting daily needs. Some examples of on-demand apps to look out for are: on-demand drivers app, on-demand home-cooked food,  on-demand self-drive taxis (perhaps, Uber would upgrade), on-demand fashion designers app, on-demand dry-cleaners app.

  • Decentralized mobile applications

​​​​​​​These are apps that would be relevant in 2021 and beyond. It is no longer news that everything would soon become decentralized, it is only a matter of time. Blockchains and mobile apps would come in to dominate as effective tools for decentralized systems.

A decentralized system would offer security and privacy and users’ information would not be available to third parties. Decentralized mobile apps are designed to enhance what blockchain stand for and by so doing ensure the privacy of users in the system. It would offer an apt knowledge of complete data flow, firmly secure all apps and well established crypto

  • Mobile wallets

​​​​​​​Keeping funds is no longer at the mercy of banks that take joy in the deduction of charges without consideration. Mobile app development has tilted towards the production of mobile wallets which helps to keep funds.

  • Internet of things (IoT)

To make artificial intelligence better, sufficient data needs to be gathered and IoT is the way to do that. With IoT, it would become much easier to do small things using smart devices. Artificial Intelligence would become one of the mainstays of app development trends and IoT is a close subordinate to enhance this reality/result.

  • Mobile apps cloud integration

​​​​​​​Another mobile app development trend to look out for is the clouds based app. The benefits of cloud-based apps are numerous. They are more secure, they also solve the issue of limited storage space on mobile devices. Cloud integration enables one app to fit into all phones to perform various utilities. Interestingly, it is a trend that is existing now and would evolve to something better as time rolls back. Cloud-based app isn’t so easy to develop, but, they are bigger and better than what most phones can handle.

Mobile app development is shifting towards this area and developers are harnessing the opportunity. Cloud apps are not replacements for mobile apps, they are more like extensions to the same. They offer security, speed and convenience. No need for installation on mobile phones, no need to bother about insufficient space, no need to worry about app compatibility. Whether android or Ios all users are good to go

  • M-Commerce

​​​​​​​There is an upgrade of E-commerce to be expected. Mobile app development would trend in this direction. M-Commerce would allow users to access online shopping platforms with their mobile smartphones without connection to a computer. With M-Commerce, buying and selling would take place using wireless handheld wearable devices.

Statista has predicted that the expected global mobile app downloads for 2021 would be 139 billion with the expected addition of over 20 billion more downloads by 2023. This brings to mind the fact that the trend of mobile app development is flowing in the direction of mobile apps being the dominant and most-used technological tool.

There is an app to fulfill virtually all human needs, and just as apps are evolving devices are not left behind. Mobile app development is on a smooth trend, and developers would become profitable if they align with the trend. Users too are on the path to enjoying the ease, convenience, and speed on a large platter.

With the rate of usage of mobile apps being so high globally, it’s expedient or to be expected that a corresponding increase in mobile app development. This is the trend, innovations would come, and already discovered principles would be improved upon.

Innovations and ideas would dominate the world and numerous companies would have amazing products to offer app developers. 2021 and the years after promises to be profitable for app developers and enthusiastic for users.

In 2021, popularity would rise for the 10 mobile app development trends listed above.

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