Top Trending Mobile App Categories in 2021

mobile app categories 2021

mobile app categories 2021

There are various top trend Mobile apps ideas in all significant categories. As a matter of fact, many top trending apps used to dream only some time ago. However, the most top trending App like Netflix, Amazon, Ubereats, Action time were thought to be dreams; however, they have proved to be victorious ventures. Some enterprises and individuals might dream of building a prominent mobile app startup but are devoid of any line of action. It is rightly said an entrepreneur is a dreamer who worked for the dream. Before deep dive into the thorough details of the top trending Mobile App Categories, it would be appropriate to know the Mobile App’s rudiments.


A Mobile application, generally known as a mobile App, is some computer program. In other words, it is a software application designed by a Mobile App Development Company. In fact, there is a host of Professional App Development Services providing mobile App-specific facilities. At the very outset, these apps were meant for productivity assistance, specifically about email contact databases, but it has witnessed a remarkable expansion in this regard. Astonishingly, you can find more than 8 million apps on the Google play store.


If you desire to be a successful entrepreneur and looking for a spark and searching the top trending app propositions, you have come across an accurate write-up. We will cover various top trending Mobile App Categories of 2021 entailing Business, Food & Drink Apps, online shopping Apps, etc.


Moreover, if you want to check out how Mobile Application offers benefits to different Industries, make sure to read this exciting comprehensive article. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.


Business App Category


The business app category is one of the top trending Mobile Apps categories in 2021. It is a handy mobile app category whereby you can communicate and collaborate with your team, associates, and organization. As a business entity, you need team coordination and prompt interaction in one place in order to have done more work. It is found on every device because the Mobile App development company has made it relatively easy and accessible. There are various apps that offer different uses in addition to communication. For instance, you can send messages; share and edit documents; customize your notifications. Following are  a few of the premier business apps found in the business app category:



Salesforce Mobile App is also recognized among the top trending apps in 2021 owing to its distinct features. It gives more power to Admins such as business owners, administrative departments, and even employees. This is very effective in terms of managing the business remotely. Moreover, it provides the productivity tools, CRM data, and customization facility to expedite and accomplish your deals and sales tasks quickly.



Every business wants things done in an organized manner. Therefore, all good managers and administrators make schedules of their tasks to prioritize according to their significance. Hotschedules app is an excellent mobile app whereby you can schedule tasks. Your staff or colleagues can balance with automatic time-off requests, supplications, and inquiry. Moreover, the change made by you as a manager in respect of scheduled tasks is updated by your team members using their phone calendars and notifications through the Hotschedules.


Restaurants App Category


Everything has switched to online mode, so as the case with the food delivery industry. You can order food for anyone from anywhere using the app in the restaurant app category. You can also get a tracking facility whereby you can track the status of your order. Following is one of the best restaurant app found to be in the restaurant app category:



If you are fitness conscious and looking for a simplified meal plan, the Mealime is out there to serve you. It is one of the best trending apps in respect of fitness and food, providing effective meal plans in addition to thorough cooking instructions. Moreover, this app also helps you with a weekly personalized food scheme along with the recipe details.


Entertainment App Category

The entertainment app category is deemed as one of the best and top-trending Mobile apps categories in 2021. The category provides apps that offer remarkable features. The category has revolutionized the entertainment app development field in many ways. It provides a host variety of movies, TV shows, series, and various other exciting things. Undeniably, it could be a prudent step to consider making this app for your businesses, startup investments, and enterprise as the case may be. Following are a few of the top apps in the entertainment app category:



Xbox app is one of the top-trending mobile apps that keep you connected to the games, entertainment, and fun with your friends. Using the XBOX app, you can share screenshots, game clips from your console to any social network. This helps you follow your friends with text and voice chat. Its new feature allows you to send custom images in chats.



Amongst the social video apps, Dubsmash is one of the top-trending mobile apps in 2021 due to its specific characteristics. It allows users to make lip-sync videos with different things like songs, quotes or poetry, etc. Its music videos app offers to share the dubs with other platforms.


Tick-tock &

Tic-tock and have collaborated as a social media platform, creating thereby short music videos. Its distinct features allow users to make videos and share them with the community. It will bring about a few new features encompassing a reaction feature enabling users to read instantly from the phone.


Education App Category

The Education App Category is an unprecedented top-trending mobile app category. You can watch video lectures, attend numerous courses, make assignments, and also earn certificates easily. Moreover, it also offers a lot of courses with degrees at varied rates that are quite affordable. Following is one of the best mobile app categories:



Proloquo2Go is one of the top-trending apps, especially for those persons who are mute and unable to speak. This app has worked as a powerful medium in improving communication skills and language growth. Proloquo2Go has a vast vocabulary of more than 10,000 words useful for people suffering from diseases such as Cerebral palsy, Autism.


Health And Fitness App Category


Health and fitness app category is one of the top-trending mobile apps categories and is a good source of Fitness and Health ideas. This has become the most popular mobile app category and trending in 2021. It can be one of the professional app development services because it offers users a host of fitness and diet programs. By using apps in this category, you can track calories, check progress about weight-management targets. Moreover, it also allows you to connect with an online community to discuss health and fitness related matters. Following are a few of the best health and fitness apps:


Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the top-trending mobile apps. It can track your sleeping styles and wake you up during the lightest sleep phase without using any traditional alarms. You will feel that it has woken you up naturally. Its use is very easy and straightforward. This app has two motion detection modes. These modes can be set at your convenience. There is a built-in microphone used to analyze the user’s movements during sleep. However, it is necessary to place the phone correctly



MyfitnessPal provides nutritional data in respect of food items in millions. It is very easy to use, being user-friendly. This app has produced extraordinary outcomes as more than 75 million people have taken advantage of this top-trending app and reduced thereby 180 million pounds in terms of weight. This shows how mobile applications offer benefits to different industries.



It is an award-winning meditation app that helps users feel relaxed, sleep better, alleviate anxiety and depression, and improve confidence. All benefits of this app can be obtained by its remarkable features, including bedtime tales, guided meditations, relaxing music. As its name suggests, Calm App is for peacemaking and mindfulness. It offers seven days and 21 schemes for all users.


Top-trending Taxi Booking apps


There are many taxi booking apps, and some are top-trending apps, providing valuable services in the transport industry. Uber, Grab, Gotech, Gett, Lyft are recognized as top-trending taxi booking apps. Uber app is straightforward to use. Users download this app that seamlessly connects users and drivers using GPS technology. GPS helps locate driver’s availability. Its charge payment is automatic on arrival using a credit card and cash in some developing countries. Lyft App is also one of the top-trending taxi booking apps. It is user-friendly too. You can find a ride in seconds after selecting the destination.


Moreover, you will have to pay directly in-app. This app has been updated recently in the first week of Feb 2021. If you are planning to develop a Taxi Booking App, make sure to check out this article. It will teach you about things you should know before starting taxi booking app development.




It is quite evident that the aforementioned top-trending apps are very much problems solving for all users in different fields from business to entertainment and fitness spheres. From the above-narrated details regarding top-trending apps in 2021, we can confidently assert that mobile applications offer benefits to different industries. Furthermore, what to know before starting to develop a taxi booking app is vitally imperative for those planning to create an app thereof.

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