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Our team consists of a group of skilled technical engineers and administrators with rich experience in the field of e-commerce, and they can develop smart phone applications and professional websites to help you display your services and products in an innovative way while providing a comfortable experience for customers.

As the company, Bright Brains is a professional online marketing and advertising application designed to attract clients who are interested in your business to interact with you and achieve desired profits.

Website design company

Since more than 4.33 billion people are active on the Internet, then it is necessary to search for the exploitation of this huge human mass and try to be on the network that they interact with, and this is done by designing a website to display the idea Presented to people with ease and at the lowest cost.

With Bright Brains, the best website design company, creating a website has become very easy. People spend more than 6 hours a day on the Internet and this may motivate you to think outside the box and the future and skip marketing methods and spread old ideas.

In short, you need to know that the Internet as a whole is a large and unlimited space, and the biggest proof of this is that a large number of domain names were registered in the second quarter of 2019, more than three billion.

So, it is important to create a website for any company you own, because it is the primary place that provides many business opportunities for all companies (large or small) or general business projects, and in this way, you will create a website that opens a wide offer for you and allows you to present your ideas, market your products and many more. Important points such as:

Attracting more clients.
• Increase Sales.
• Present your product or service in a perfect and broadest scale.
Targeting a large segment of customers.

If your business project is not executed online and you are working on projects that exist on the ground, creating a website will also be important, as we explained to you in the previous paragraphs.

Because most customers prefer to access and use the Internet when they need to find the service or product they need.

Of course, this will indicate customers the strength, skill and experience that you have, which is something that distinguishes you from competitors.

Company Website Design Company

If you own a large or small company or institution and want to expand the range of customers and introduce the brand in a completely modern way, you can touch on the design of your site to help you provide all products or services to your customers during the shopping process.

Nowadays company website design has become very easy, you can follow simple steps with experts in design and programming with Bret Breen website design company.

You can have a special site that achieves credibility and acts as an advertisement on the Internet, providing you with many benefits, and communicating privately with customers comfortably.

The reputation of the site for the name of the company, the level of professionalism in the organization’s transactions, and customer confidence are all of the benefits that accrue to you when establishing a website.

The importance of a company having a website

Having a brand that represents a treasure of the present and the future, from which you get customer throughout the day

And all content can be accessed 24 hours, customers do not have to take many steps and requirements when deciding to order services or purchase goods through the site.

You can also attract the largest number of customers from different countries and regions, especially with the increasing interest of people in e-commerce and shopping sites.

Whether you sell goods or offer a variety of services, your website can become user-oriented and offer a range of services.

Once you create a website with Bright Brains website design company, you can get paid hosting for a nominal price of a few dollars a month. It costs no more than $ 10. If you do not have a real online business, the site will open up new markets for you so that you can develop the business.

Imagine it attracts audiences from all countries here we are talking about tens of millions of users every day that you can target easily and at low cost.

Suppose you want to buy goods or obtain services, but you have to go to the company’s headquarters or get that through the Internet, of course, you will choose the easiest way. I think you will think twice before visiting the company’s headquarters, everyone can relax and buy products online.

On the other hand, if all the content is available online, you can visit the company’s website to find a simple summary of the company’s activities, services, and pricing.

• If your company appears online, the marketing opportunities are endless.
• Traditional ads, as we know, are very expensive, and they target a very small number of customers.

School website design company

Bright Brains website design company offers you to design a site related to the educational process (school site), to carry out all school tasks efficiently, quickly and in a manner commensurate with the requirements of students in this age, and to bring officials closer to parents and students, and to facilitate the cooperation of teachers and administrators with others in the educational process according to the latest technologies available in modern school management programs, and communicate with colleagues and students with ease.

You will get a range of benefits if you turn to a school website design company, including:

• Add an unlimited number of official files and store them securely.
• Adding a special page that identifies the school, administration and staff, and is linked to students and parents.
• Create a complete photo album of all content in the school.
• Watch school news through photos and videos.
• Training sessions, commentary and commentary on the site.
• Developing a culture of distance learning.
• Launching the latest school activities.
• Announcements for administrators, teachers and students.
• Create multi-level membership and various permissions.
• full administrative control of all those involved in the educational process.
• Using the school’s website name to compose emails for students or parents.
• Support internal email system with attached files function.
• Text messaging support.
Exploiting teacher performance and evaluation reports.

Of course, the benefits are countless. The school administration can obtain many privileges from designing a school site,   so a site design decision must be placed in the proposal for administrative decisions, through which they can follow students’ academic achievement, and back up the entire site at any time for reference.

Especially if this site will be used in distance e-learning by downloading courses, assignments and exams for teachers or officials so that students can receive them and send responses via the site.

Privileges for a school that has a website

The possibility of linking and creating the site with smart phone applications to facilitate school services and bring them closer to teachers, students and parents, ease of school management and add an unlimited number of main sections and subsections.

You can browse parts of the school and classrooms, add ads, including a center for uploading photos from an advertiser’s device, a tool for adding website logos to them, and a toolbox for creating automatic text formats.

The system sends an activation message when registering any member. If there is no ticket or loss, the password can be recovered, and the database operator automatically detects duplicate topics.

• Through the site you will get an advanced search based on the type of article, section or topic.
• Messaging system and warning when new messages arrive at the school.
• A system that can delete member posts, responses and all related information on the site when a member is stopped live.
• The website directory system includes all website content and topics adding.
• A system for reporting responses, violating advertisements, communicating with them and displaying owner information in the control panel.
• A system to browse photo courses by date or importance.
• Designing, hosting, supporting and protecting the school website.

News website design company

By working with professionals in websites, you can design a news site with ease, work on editing and publish news and articles on an ongoing basis, and get a steady income from this.

We will help you choose the right system to create a website easily. Just add your content and provide the team with all the details related to your business.

Before starting to create a website, you need to conduct extensive research, study and prepare to understand what will be provided in your website and the scope of future development.

On this basis, the company will receive your request and your business field and start analyzing all the data for the implementation of your website through a set of simple steps.

At Bright Brains website design company, we analyze your site manually, and analyze the data and website content on different screens in an attractive modern way that suits your company to add vitality and beauty to it.

Then we enter the implementation stage and begin to transfer the analyzes and visualizations to the actual design on the computer screen in front of you in an elegant and attractive way, including colors, fonts and image position, which is called the UI design phase.

Then use the programming language to write the code, understand the internal and external links, display the database to store your information and design a complete control panel so that you can easily change and add all parts of the site to turn the design into a complete and comprehensive site more interactive and meets the user all requirements, and this is the stage of interface development the user.

After designing, programming and publishing website content, space will be reserved for your website and uploaded to a host that everyone can see.

Benefits of owning and designing a news website

Of course, you want to express yourself and your entity in the best possible way, and increase the human mass that follows you and display your interesting content that attracts many.
With a unique and innovative website design service with professionals, you will achieve the biggest success on the internet … We focus on the overall appearance of the website while improving the performance so that it can be accessed easily without wasting time.

• We use the latest technology in web design.
• We provide all the services that customers need, including mobile games, download sites, sites for stores and others for news and the general look that we are used to seeing.
We use sound effects and design the latest site templates and templates.
• The company is committed to creating integrated websites and service forums for its users to increase awareness of your brand.
• Providing customers with a website with all security measures and ensuring this point with daily backup service.
In addition, once the project is completed, we will provide you with comprehensive support and provide you with all aspects of customer support.

Real estate website design company

Of course, any company, institution, or even an introduction service must have a page on the social networking site or a site that represents this institution, especially if it has huge commercial businesses such as real estate projects and housing services.

You must also link these pages to the website you created for that, a real estate website design company Brett Breen offers you enough attention to achieve this goal and show a carefully and professionally designed website that allows all customers to switch between the different pages of the site and directions so on the company’s social networking pages.

When you choose to engage with experts, the Brett Brain website design company will have the ability to follow Google standards and reach the right rates for users and customers on search engines.

This way, you can get a suitable site, and you can also make other search engine optimizations, enabling you to appear in the first results of the Google search engine.

One of the important things about providing services for any website is compatibility with various phone and tablet screens, as well as computer and tablet screens, and this visitors gives a feeling of complete comfort.

In addition to that, the site also contains other features, such as submitting a contact form and communicating with the owners of this site easily.

Be aware that the contact form is very important as it gives clients the full ability to contact you directly and ask questions.

In addition, customers leave their data in this way and the types of services and products they like, as well as any complaints or suggestions they add, which will naturally bring you the greatest benefit to the website owners.

Also, we provide you with many important things that mainly help your site, such as:

• Google Maps featured.
• Your website must include all major pages.
• Contact form.
• Multiple sections surround all your services.

In this way, clients can communicate directly with your website and find the services you provide either in the real estate field or in any other field.

Online store website design company

The company uses the best platform to create an online store at the lowest cost and with all the required goals being achieved,
creating an online store on the world-famous platform WordPress is an attractive option for companies. Once you have an idea of ​​your online store, you can go to the global platform to create a website without spending a lot of money.

With us you have full control over your website and you can customize it as needed.

The most popular platform in the world of store building is WordPress which is very convenient in terms of general settings, but it cannot solve the true purpose of promoting the development of the site in the field of online business. If you thought you can get more sales once you design the site, then you are wrong.

It takes a long time to transform the platform from a regular site to a custom product offering. If you sell online, you need a beautiful, easy-to-use, and secure website.

However, you also need an online business plan that doesn’t forget SEO, to run websites on mobile phones, payment gateways, social media, email marketing, and increase conversion rates to achieve long-term success.

The biggest mistake most users make is not choosing the right platform for their online store. Luckily you are here, with Brett Breen’s website design company you will get all the details.

First of all, we need to purchase a domain name from an international platform. The domain name should end in .com or .net, because these formats are best for users and are the most popular.

Domain name and hosting

You can easily get the domain name, and the amount for buying the domain is about $ 10, and then we are looking for a web hosting service at a price of up to $ 60 per year. You can sign up and start booking the domain name with the Bright Brains website design company.

We offer a choice of domain with good addition, then choose online store host. To set up a store, you must have a domain name, and an SSL certificate.

A domain usually costs about $ 14.99 a year, a site’s host or hosting costs about $ 7.99 a month, and an SSL certificate costs about $ 69.99 a year.

These are the startup fees, ranging depending on how you expand your site and who is offering you these things, ancillary services, and quality assurance.

There are many companies that can help you discuss web hosting services, whether it is an Arab company or an international company.

After that, we will install WordPress and start building the site on the basis of the online store, and install appropriate templates for displaying products and their speed compatible with your site.

Set up HTTPS to use SSL

One of the important steps to ensure the safety of your website, especially if you want a store with a good reputation, you need to install these add-ons because they will protect the site and protect users during the buying process, or paying via MasterCard or Visa.

Your WordPress hosting package has a free SSL certificate. However, you have to configure your WordPress site strong and you need another, more secure and foolproof certificate.

You can get free updates and support from the developers after completing the settings, after that you can add products to the online store.

With the control panel, you will use the “Product Category” box, click “Add a new product group” to create a category for this product.

This allows you to easily categorize and browse products, set product data box, and you can provide product information, such as price, stock, shipping etc. Within the product data box, after adding all the product information, you can click on the (Post) button to see the product on your online store.

The template controls how users view the WordPress website and for stores, the templates also control how products are displayed and many other features. The account you use during the hosting process will install a custom product template, which you can change later and do experiments before publishing the site publicly.

Restaurant website design company

If you are a restaurant owner and you want to create a site dedicated to publishing your favorite meals and foods, restaurant photos, and menu prices on the site, we will provide you with a comprehensive restaurant website design to provide all the content you want, to become a unique interface that represents the restaurant and becomes the link between you and the restaurant your customers.

We offer you the opportunity to have a website. The site includes the latest technology and a range of valuable complementary tools that are suitable for all restaurants.

By owning a restaurant website, you get the full media window from the company, and since we know its importance, this service provides you with all the tools you need to create and manage the site and its contents.

You can benefit from restaurants by owning your website, either in terms of media marketing, or a tool for communicating with customers, management, and others.

We work hard to achieve the success of your brand with excellent professional services and opportunities provided by the network … The design of the restaurant website is an important first step, as it is a unique, innovative and simple step.

With Bright Brains, we provide you with all the wonderful and innovative groups through an integrated process to increase your influence among competitors as it has a great impact on the success of companies looking to create an introductory website that provides related institutions, targeting information, service , and products.

Designing an official website or service using the latest technology to help your brand reach the world in a simple and clear way … Not only that, but we also offer integrated solutions and analyzes for your company and offer your company a unique identity,

Helping you to spread and excel because we have created a search engine and all internet browsers, mobile devices, tablets, iPhones and other responsive websites that meet international standards for designing and programming websites.

With the introduction of a set of basic and important tools that help you accomplish this, such as a more interactive and comprehensive site management and control panel

Dashboard that you can control over the practical design and many other things.

In addition to the ease of adding and controlling products, departments and registering members, it also provides technical support and powers or multiple ranks on the site.

Statistics system includes number of posts, pages, sections, keywords, comments and many other features that you need to discover by yourself.

An educational website design company

If you want to design a website directed at the school or a comprehensive educational site that serves the educational process, you can achieve this with ease. We have an educational website design service that is the best, unique site, that provides all the important educational tools that everyone needs.

A simple and important tool in the current era with a complete control panel, it does not need technicians to control all projects on the site, strong security features prevent hackers from accessing your site and protect your website from cyber attacks.

Redefining distance education, research and learning in the information age, needs a renaissance in educational thought, and of course designing an educational website with specialists in this field is the most appropriate solution.

Bright Brains IT Website Design Company

You can get a wonderful website in all disciplines, you can keep up with the times and get a complete website with the latest technologies available in the global market with the full support of engineers and experts in the world of website development.

You can enter the official website of the company through the following link: From here

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