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Web Design & Development

Bright Brains experts establish an impressive websites that encourage viewers to take a stroll of every single page in your website. We make sure to select the Right colors, Suitable fonts, Tempting images, Good-looking user interface & advanced functionality that defines the essence of your website and leave an impressive mark in the memories of viewers.

According to studies, more than 70% of clients expect reputable companies to have a professional online presence through a professional website. Thus, it became essential to create a professional website for your business where customers can get to know the details of your business anytime, anywhere and even outside of business hours.

Visit our portfolio and check our latest releases of professional websites.

Android App Development


Google Play Store has numerous applications that serve more than 3 billion Android users around the world. In Bright Brains we are always keen to achieve two main factors for the succes of any application (1) Design an impressive look (2) Provide an easy journey for users.

There are different ways to profit from your application (1) Through ads (2) Set download price for the application (3) Or by setting a subscription fee for the services inside the application.

Bright Brains professional team of Android app developers rely on the latest Android programming language such as Java, C++ and Kotlin.

Check our portfolio now and see our latest versions of Android apps.

iOS App Development


Bright Brains iOS App experts are specialized in delivering robust and advanced apps that are suitable to your business needs and meeting the strict standards of Apple.

We believe that providing a friendly customer experience is vital, for that reason, in Bright Brains we are always keen to provide the best sequential journey that a user goes through while using your App.

There are 1 billion iPhone users around the world and Apple users usually spend more money on app purchases compared to Android users. Despite the fact that only 42% of all apps are available in App store, however, the quality of iOS Apps is always a narrow win for iOS.

Check out our Portfolio and see our latest iOS work.

Cross Platform Development


With the increase of mobile apps that launch every day into the market, the business of mobile app development has increased. The main goal is to enable the same app to run on a Windows PC, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or XBox.

Remarkable UI/UX Designs


In Bright Brains we are aware that users judge your website or application by the interface and ease of use.

Smart apps & websites are made up of many technical codes that works at the backend and normal users usually can't understand it and here comes the role of interface designs that make the shape of buttons, icons & images to make it easier for the user to deal with and this is what we call the User Interface.

In Bright Brains, we are always keen to create an attractive and easy designs at the same time to achieve the desired goal.

Check out our Portfolio page and have a look on our professional designs.

Support & Maintenance


Bright Brains offers integrated technical support plans that suit all businesses anywhere and anytime including server maintenance, smart phone applications and websites that are characterized by ease of problem solving and rapid intervention to avoid any problem that may affect your business.

Our primary goal is to enhance the productivity of the community and the continuity of businesses and enable users to access information or make requests at all times without facing technical problems that negatively impact customer experience and thus lose opportunities to increase profits.

Contact the Bright Brains team now and let us discuss your maintenance request so that we can share the best offer you can get.



Internet of Things is a term that refers to all devices that can be connected to the Internet and send and receive orders without human intervention.

Many countries embrace the ideas of transforming their institutional services into a window of an IoT application. The Internet of Things has become an effective way to improve IT infrastructure and has a direct and positive impact on productivity and innovation. For example, medical centers can now take advantage of Internet of Things technology to monitor and study patient activity on mobile devices such as smartphones and wearable devices that are wirelessly connected to the Internet.


Digital Marketing


People spend four hours a day browsing social media, so there is no escape other than relying on digital marketing campaigns to promote your products. With Bright Brains Digital Marketing campaigns, you can reach millions of people ... isn't that cool ? Can you expect the return on your business?

We believe that attracting new customers does not happen by luck and it is essential to develop a professional and accurate strategy that suits your field in order to attract the attention of your potential customers, which means increasing the chances of visiting your website, and thus increasing the chances of submitting requests and growing your profits.